marți, 20 ianuarie 2009

Poezioara de plictiseala

Puţin nefinisată, puţin simpluţă... asta mi-a trecut prin minte. Either enjoy or gtfo! ;)

It was a young boy with his smile,
that anger got the hold of while
he was asleep.
Seeing too deep
Inside his mind, this child chose to wake up
and taste the wonders he made up.
-"I'm bored with dreams, I want to fly!"
So shouted then, the foolish child.
They let him out,
and laughed out loud...
The fool looked up towards the sky
As if there was something to conquer
And without even asking "why?"
The others turned away, and they
fell down into deep laughter.

He left his friends. Gone in a haste
he was... his dreams were to become so real
As the strange food he wouldn't taste
But they considered it a meal.
He knew he'd also miss his toy
A colored bird that brought him joy
That flew so nice, when thrown with care
The little bird that made him dare.

The sky still there,
still looking down
Still blue, still cold
The earth still brown...
More than a year he spent away
Trying so bad to show that they
were wrong.
He wasn't strong
enough, not yet
to reach the goal himself has set
To kiss the sky and be a star....
And take a flying bug as pet.
Indeed, he couldn't go that far....
not yet.
And now exhausted from his tries
And wanting to get some advice
He traveled back, ashamed and sad.
His rage was gone, but now he had
become more of a man.
But not enough!
-"Why can't i fly?
Why can't my dream just come alive?
they laugh...
Why didn't they just tell me then
To save my pain, sorrows and brain?
But no one to reply...

Ironic turned this young man's fate
It was now night, and it was late
And all the time he spent away
And maybe the mushrooms he ate
Made him forget the road, the way...
And so he had to stay
and look
and analyze the path he took.
And maybe, maybe even pray
To get home well...
and be okay
But that seemed not to be the plan
The arcane sky set for this man......

As vrea sa continuu povestea, si mai mult, mi-ar plăcea sa incerci sa o continui tu.
Are vreun scop, finalitate...ceva?


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24.04.1987 :P spunea...

And so he sat down by the road
Alone and sad in winter's cold
He laid back an fell asleep
His wanted star he didn't rip
Before his eyes.There in the wild
They found him the next day
"He was just a child..."
They all hazed to say
"To great the dream for a small man"
They didn't know that then
He was watching from the sky
He finally got there, high...

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...pana de idei, cavalere?...noutati? :)...un weekend plin de minuni, tradatorule :)

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